Wide Range of Sizes, Power Ratings and Feedback options from Tamagawa-Seiki.

Features – Size / Power Range:

Miniature AC Servos: 

  • As small as: 14.5mm Frame Size
  • 3Watts
  • Resolver or Incremental Encoder Feedback

Large AC Servo:

  • Up to 180mm Frame Size
  •  15KW
  • Resolver, Incremental, Absolute Encoder Feedback, up to 25bits.

Simplified Network Motion control with SV-NET

  • 8 Axis, Networked standalone Servo Control System

TBLi-Mini Series

Ultra small. Semiconductor fab, chip mounters.

TLBi-II Series

Low cost, 17bit Absolute Encoders, reduction G=gear available. Industrial Robots, Machine Tools

TBLi-V Series

Compact Type. High speed, simple positioning applications, reduction gear available.

TBLi-iIVs Series

Low Inertia Type. Low noise, low vibration. 23bit Absolute Encoder standard. For high speed, rapid movement.

TBLi-iIV Series

Medium Inertia Type. 23bit Absolute Encoder standard.

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