Tamagawa Smartsyn® Resolvers

The most accurate & rugged rotational absolute angle sensor can be used for accurate feedback of position, speed sensing, and pole direction of a motor.  Manufactured by Tamagawa-Seiki, global leader in resolver design and production quality, the Smartsyn resolver is superior for any harsh environment where accuracy is important, such as industrial robotics and outdoor applications.


  • Brushless Non-contact Design
  • Wide Temperature Range -55°C to +155 °C
  • Vibration Resistant
    • Vibration: 196m/s2 (20G), @ 10Hz to 500 Hz, 2h for each of 3 axes
    • Shock: 980m/s2 (100G), 6ms, 3 times for each of 6 axes
    • Humidity: 90% Rh or above at +60 °C
  • Operating Speed Up To
    • 100~500s-1 {6000~30000min-1} / (Built-in Type)
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