Precision Ball Screws & Actuators

Kuroda Precision Ball Screws started as a thread gauge manufacturer and utilizes that technology to provide a wide range of screw products including ultra-high precision ball screws and actuators, ultra-high lead ball screws, rolled ball screws and more. Designed and manufactured in their independent R&D and production facilities, Kuroda’s products achieve improved positioning accuracy, high-speed operation, and reduced noise—with extremely reliable quality and short lead times. Features and Ball Screw Range.
  • Standard Ground Ball Screws -Wide Variety of Sizes for Positioning -Accuracy Grades C3-C7/JIS
  • Standard Rolled Ball Screws -Wide Range of Sizes for Transferring -Accuracy Grades C7 & C10/JIS
  • Custom Ball Screws -Ultra Precise to C0-C5Accuracy
  • Ballscrew Actuators -High Degree of Accuracy & Rigidity -Servo & Stepper Motor and Control Options
  • Support Units -Preload Adjusted Angular Bearings
  • F Series -High Speed and Ultra Quiet
  • Resin Nut Lead Screw
  • -Inexpensive & Compact
Precision Ball Screws & Actuators Catalog
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F- Series Ultra Quiet Series Ball Screws


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