Tamagawa Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoders



  • Wide variety of sizes, shaft and hollow shaft, special requirements available
  • New 25bit resolution to become standard model
  • Single-Turn & Multi-Turn
  • Battery Back up
  • Shaft and Hollow Shaft models



  • Economical, easy to mount, shaft and hollow shaft.
  • Applications: Robots, X-Y Tables, Machine Tools, Motor Feedback.
  • Wide variety of sizes, standard and rugged types.
  • Ultra-high resolutions ranging from 100 to 480,000 C/T (12K interpolated)


MR Encoder

  • Machine Tools, Spindle Motors, Harsh Environments
  • Pick Up Magnetic Unit and Gear Wheel
  • High Speed response, gear module = .4
  • Sin Wave output available
  • Up to 23bit resolution – Absolute
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