Automotive Application

Product Groups

Metal Forming Technologies

Precision Cold

Engine & Transmission Components
EV Hardware
Brake Hardware
Starter & Alternator Components
Steering System Components
Interior & Exterior Hardware
Safety System Hardware
Electrical Harness Components
Suspension Components

Weldable High Pressure Aluminum Die Cast

High Pressure Die Casting 
Battery Housing
Motor Housing (Inner/ Outer)
Cold plate
Inverter Case
Lower Engine Block
Transmission Carrier Housing
Transfer Case
Hybrid Transaxle Cover
Oil Pan

Press Forming & Precision Stamping

Cold Forging & Press Technology
Transmission Hub Forward Clutch
Hybrid Brake Pump Pressure Vessel
Oil Pump Sprocket
CVT Sprocket
Safety Components

Steel & Aluminum Forging

Transmission Parts
Differential Case
Pulley Cover
Suspension Parts
Front & Rear Hub Assembly
Knuckle Assembly

CNC Machining

Machined Components
Screw Machining

EV Hardware

Thermal Management
Heat Sinks
Self-Tapping Screws
Rivet Nuts
High Strength Aluminum Bolt
Battery Terminal Pins
Battery Cooling Plate

Rotational Position Sensors

Automotive Chain

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