AdvanTech International partners with world class manufacturers of engineered components used widely in Automotive, Motorcycle and Industrial applications.  Products are categorized into five primary groups, Metal Forming, Rotational Position Sensors, Timing Chain Systems, Motorcycle Wheels and Industrial & Automation products.

The Metal Forming group features:  Precision Cold Forming, High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting, Press Forming/Precision Stamping and CNC Metal Processing.

The Rotational Position Sensor group features:  Resolvers, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU’s) and Gyroscopes.

The Timing Chain System group features:  Silent/Low Friction Chain, Custom Guides & Tensioners.

The Motorcycle Wheel group features:  Aluminum and Steel Extruded Rims and Cast Wheels.

The Industrial & Automation group features:  Servo Motors, Precision Ball Screws and Acuators, Encoders, Engineered Plastics, Ball Splines, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU’s), Manual Pulse Generators and Linear Guides.

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